bLoyal Not Affected by Petya Ransomware

We are pleased to notify you that our services are not impacted by the Petya ransomware. This malware is another exploit of the EternalBlue vulnerability (MS17-010) that was also exploited by WannaCry. The same hotfix patching performed for WannaCry will protect against Petya.

On our Azure platform: bLoyal uses Azure PaaS services to run and protect our customers' data. This eliminates the attack surface for viruses such as the Petya ransomware. We don’t have access to the underlying server operating systems; Microsoft ensures they are kept up-to-date and secure. Our services are designed to maintain 100% reliability even when the underlying server operating system is being patched. This is one of many benefits of running services on the Microsoft Azure cloud service.

On our legacy datacenter*: We manage our datacenter servers ourselves and ensured the MS17-010 hotfix was applied immediately when it was released in March 2017. We double-checked all servers when the WannaCry service bulletin was released by Microsoft. In addition, we are running a rather new and very secure firewall setup in our datacenter.

*How to know which platform you are on:

If your Director login URL is,,, or, and your company has not worked with our consulting team to migrate and upgrade to Azure, your account is on our legacy datacenter.

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