Partial Service Outage Affecting Legacy V3 Clients [10/30/2017 - RESOLVED]

Our service ops team had received server status alerts at approximately 10:30 AM PDT and began immediately working towards restoring a partial service outage affecting the following areas:

  • Logging into only (not the numbered variations based on different server clusters)
  • API communications to/from (not any of the numbered variations)
  • For a smaller selection of clients who use the above URLs, some POS service interruptions

If using RMS and experiencing delays or freezing, please temporarily disable bLoyal as follows in order to resume posting transactions:

View Customer => Close the customer info/search window => click the Disable bLoyal button

We sincerely apologize for the partial outage and will follow up on this announcement and separately once service has been fully restored.

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    Ryan Gallagher

    UPDATE:  Services have fully been restored as of 11:45 AM PDT. There was an issue with one of the main SQL servers having locked up that has been resolved. We truly apologize for the downtime and are actively working on upgrading the server hardware running all legacy V3 accounts in order to circumvent this type of issue from happening with any frequency whatsoever in the very near future. This will require no changes to take place within your organization as it will be a service infrastructure change on our part. We'll be in touch with more information soon.

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