Sales Taxes on Shipping Charges for Shipments to Illinois

We have recently been made aware of a topic of conversation regarding the calculation and collection of sales taxes applied to shipping charges for shipments going to the state of Illinois. It is our understanding that a series of lawsuits have been filed against retailers shipping to the state of Illinois for the improper collection of sales taxes. For more information on this topic, please refer to the information present on the ShipCompliant blog:


If you support shipping to Illinois, we recommend reviewing your requirements for sales tax collection on shipping charges to this state. We support both the inclusion and exclusion of shipping charge sales taxes to the state of Illinois through the use of our integration with ShipCompliant for sales tax calculations.


If you are currently using ShipCompliant for sales tax calculations, we recommend reaching out to ShipCompliant in order to configure your account to appropriately collect (or not collect) sales taxes on shipping charges to Illinois. If you are not currently using ShipCompliant for sales tax calculations, we strongly recommend that you begin. Please reach out to if you're unsure about how you're calculating sales taxes, or to make use of ShipCompliant's sales tax calculation service.


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