Running Director from Internet Explorer 11

Adding bLoyal to Trusted Sites

Please perform the following steps to help prevent issues or alleviate unusual behavior in your browser while working in Director: 






After unchecking "Require server verification" which allows HTTP sites to be added to Trusted Sites as well as HTTPS, please type in http://* and click Add, then do the same for https://*



Allow Director in Pop-Up Blocker

Please perform the following steps to help prevent Director pop-up windows such as reports from being blocked while still in Internet Options:




Type in * then click Add:



If you experience any further issues within Director (particularly with display):

You can force IE 11 to run in compatibility mode and then Director should display properly. You can get IE 11 to run in compatibility mode by doing the following:

1) From the Gear icon, open "Compatibility View settings".



2) Enter "*" into the Add this website area and click "Add". Ensure that the entry "" appears in the Websites you've added to Compatibility View list. Also, make sure the Use Microsoft compatibility lists option checked. Click "Close" to exit this window and save your changes.



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