Proxy Troubleshooting for Connectors

bLoyal connectors are dependent on your network's proxy settings to access our servers. Sometimes some troubleshooting is necessary to get them working when a proxy is present. This article outlines a few items that can help to identify and resolve proxy issues.



The extent to which we can help each client resolve proxy issues is limited. There are too many types of proxy setups, often highly individualized to a business's specific network setup. Below are some general facts about our connectors and how they interact with proxies. For general connectivity troubleshooting, click here for other possible steps.


  • Our connectors use the Microsoft .NET framework, so they look at your Internet Explorer proxy settings. These can be accessed within Internet Explorer via Internet Options - Connections Tab - Lan Settings.

  • If the proxies are set up correctly, you should be able to access in Internet Explorer. If that URL is accessible in IE, the issue is likely not proxy related.

  • The POS connector's user account settings are based off of the user logged into the machine. So, the user typically logging in to use it should have sufficient access to allow the connector to work.

  • The store connector runs as a service and  therefore may be set to run as a user with sufficient access.
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