How to create a NEW Billing Account

If you are a new Client to bLoyal, you will need to create a NEW Billing Account to provide a Payment Method for your monthly Membership, Usage and Support billing as may be applicable. Your payment method will be stored in a secure and PCI compliant gateway.

1) Simply go to: and click on the “Login” tab in the upper right hand corner of our site. Click on the “Create NEW Billing Account information” link.


2) Please complete Step 1 of this process by filling in all your Billing information in the form displayed.

  • Please make a note of the password you use as you will need to use that password for any future Billing Account updates
  • Once you have completed this Step, click the Sign Up button which will take you to Step2 to add a payment method


3) You will see a summary of your Billing information (that you can Edit if needed). Below that you will see a Step 2 section. Click the Add Method button.


4) Please fill out the form with the Credit Card information that you want to use for your monthly Membership, Usage and Support billing. Click the Create button.


5) You are done! A summary page will appear with your credit card number masked confirming your card is securely stored.


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