How can I get help?

We offer three ways for you to enter support tickets that are covered by our SLA. Be sure to select the one that is most appropriate for your situation, for example we suggest a phone call for urgent issues.

Submit a Request via the Portal:

A ticket will be created automatically and you will be provided with a ticket number. This is great for everyday requests that you may have including simple "how to" types of questions. You can include screen shots and attachments to your request as may be appropriate.

Email Support:

Sending an email to or will result in a ticket being automatically created for you. You may experience a slight delay from when you send the email and when you receive the automated email with your ticket information. Please note that emails sent directly to bLoyal team members will not create a ticket as they are not support email addresses. You can include screen shots and attachments to your request as may be appropriate.

Dedicated Suppport clients are provided a separate email address to use.

Call Support:

Calling our support number at 877-388-7638 will result in a support team member creating a ticket for you. If you do reach our voicemail please be sure to leave your name, your company name, your phone number and a brief explanation about your issue. By providing this information we can easily get back in touch with you in a timely fashion.

Dedicated Support clients are provided a separate phone number to call.

Please note:

The SLA level for an incident is determined by the level of plan a client is on and the method used to report the incident.  For example, Dedicated Support members should report their incidents via the Dedicated Support phone number, online via the support portal, or via the Dedicated Support email.

Incidents submitted via other mechanisms such as by Fax, emails sent directly to bLoyal staff, or calling bLoyal staff directly are not subject to the response times specified in this SLA unless and until the incident is entered into the bLoyal incident tracking system.


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