I sent an email but didn't get an automated reply with a ticket.

Sometimes emails don't make it to their intended recipient due to a variety of reasons including an incorrect email address, an included file was too large, etc. You may want to check your spam/junk folder or check with your IT department to see if they have filtered out our emails.

Our support plans are set for a specific number of individuals and it is possible that you may not be listed as a support user so a ticket hasn't been created yet. You can find out from your company's primary bLoyal contact who is listed on your plan. In this case we generally have your email but the system simply hasn't created the ticket.

If the email has been properly received the system should generate your automated email letting you know we've received your request. If you don't receive an automated reply please feel free to call us and we can help address this. You can also login to the support portal and check your open requests to see if we have received your email.

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