Attaching Files to Email Campaigns or Newsletters

Attaching files directly in a mailer may cause issues with your emails being blocked for spam or by a firewall as a potential virus risk, even though they likely are not a security risk whatsoever (we would hope)! We suggest instead inserting a link to a hosted file rather than sending the actual file attached to the email in order to prevent emails from being blocked and to reduce the size of the email itself. Reason being is if a file is attached, it will be sent out to each recipient individually which would vastly slow down the email campaign's sending rate. Here's how to insert a file such as a PDF as a link in your email campaign or newsletter:

  1. In Director, please go to ​Tools => Content​. You may upload your file(s) there. 
  2. Right-click on the thumbnail in the middle column or URL for the file if it is a non-picture file, such as a PDF. Alternatively, you may possibly click the file then copy the shortcut from your browser address bar.
  3. Click ​Copy Shortcut​ to get the URL you'll need to insert as a link in your email campaign
  4. In your email, type what you want to be the name of the link to your file, highlight it with the mouse, then use the URL button:  
  5. Paste in the shortcut you had copied from the Content module


It would also be possible to copy a URL from another server outside of Director if you have the file(s) hosted elsewhere, might I add. Lastly, most likely the link will use simple HTTP protocol, but please be sure to change the protocol option above to HTTPS if that is in your URL.


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