Important: Please make sure your systems support SHA-2 encryption by 4/18/16

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If your bLoyal account is running on Service Cluster 1 or Service Cluster 12 then please read below.  If you are not running on Cluster 1 or Cluster 12 then you can ignore this post.

Note: If you are unsure which Cluster your company is assigned to you can see it from the Director URL when you log into bLoyal Director.  The cluster number is after the word "Director" in the URL.  For example, is for Cluster 1 and is for Cluster 12.  If you log into Director and don’t see a 1 or 12 in the URL, then your account is assigned to a different cluster.

As of Monday April 18th, bLoyal will no longer be supporting SHA-1 type SSL certificates.  SHA-1 type certificates are no longer supported by the SSL certificate authorities since they are deemed not as secure anymore, and for the past several years, the major browsers and certificate authorities have been strongly suggesting or requiring enhanced SHA-2 type certificates.  The bLoyal service has been running on SHA-2 certificates exclusively across all service clusters for the past several years except for Service Cluster 1 and Service Cluster 12. We were able to get a special, one time only SHA-1 extension certificate to allow clients that had older systems that didn’t yet support SHA-2 at the time to migrate.  However, as of Monday, April 18th, the SHA-1 certificate will expire, and SHA-1 certificates can no longer be issued or renewed by the SSL certificate authorities. 

We have been in contact with clients who we think may be affected.  It should only be an issue if you are running the bLoyal connectors on Windows XP SP2 or earlier (SP3 supports SHA-2) or if you are running the connectors on Windows Server 2003 SP1 or earlier (SP2 supports SHA-2).  If you are running those versions of the operations system, then you need to upgrade to Windows XP SP3 (or later) or Windows Server 2003 SP2 (or later). We do, however, strongly recommend migrating off of Windows XP or Server 2003 altogether since they are not supported by Microsoft (Windows XP End of Support) and won’t be supported by bLoyal in future versions of the connectors.

If you have any questions please don’t hesitate to contact our support team at or 877-388-7638.




Rob Carney



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