WordPress Plugin Update Guide


bLoyal Wordpress Plugin installation
Connector configuration

  1. bLoyal Wordpress Plugin installation

    • Log in as admin into Wordpress. Find menu Plugins. Click on Installed Plugins. It will show the list of all available plugins which are active/ready to activate.
    • Find plugin bLoyal in list and click on Activate; if it is not installed, click the Add New button.
    • Click the Upload Plugin button and upload the bLoyal plugin zip file that is to be installed. After upload, click the button Install Now.
    • When you successfully activate the bLoyal plugin, it will show the bLoyal menu in dashboard menu list.
  2. Connector configuration

    • Click on the bLoyal Snippets menu which is located under the Dashboard menu list.
    • Fill the mandatory fields: Domain & API Key. An error will be displayed if any of the mandatory information is not entered.




      (Required) This is the company used to access bLoyal Director.

      Store API Key

      (Required) This is a Store API Key generated within bLoyal Director for system for this specific Store.


      This button should be used to Lock the API Key.


      This button should be used to Test the Connection.

      Use Wordpress Account Login


      Use bLoyal Account Login


      Advanced Settings

      On click of this button user will be able to configure the Custom settings.

      Custom Settings

      User will be able to add the custom URLs to test the system against desired environments.

    • After providing the complete details, save the settings by clicking the button Save Settings.
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