Malware Alert Accessing bLoyal Online Resources with Chrome

It has recently come to the attention of our Service Operations team that accessing bLoyal resources on the web using Google Chrome, such as Director or the legacy web carts, may display an incorrect alert stating the site contains malware. We have reviewed with thorough malware scans and have confirmed there is actually no malware, as detailed in the following scan reports:

*This issue should not affect any POS systems, web service calls, or any web carts on custom/vanity domains.

Our web hosts have logged a request to have Google remove the malware flag on our domain right away. We were advised this request could take up to 48 hours to be fully cleared by Google. In the meantime, we strongly suggest using a different web browser, and you may consider advising customers to do so as well.

It is possible to progress past the error in Chrome as follows:


1) Click Details at the bottom left.

2) Click the visit this unsafe site link as many times as needed to get in:


Once again, we can assure you that our sites and services are perfectly safe and clean without any malware links, as the Google malware report is currently listing for Chrome users. We will be further investigating the source of this malware report and will provide an update on its resolution just as soon as possible.

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    Kat Wilkes

    This issue has been resolved as of this morning, 10/24/19. Google has cleared the malware messaging for our sites, and you should be able to access them freely. If you happen to encounter this error message at this point, please clear your browser cache, close your browser, and navigate directly to the login page in a new browser window. (Navigating to the page via a search engine may result in loading a cached, non-current instance of the page.)

    It was determined that our public-facing marketing site was impacted by malware, but this was addressed by our Service Ops team immediately - Google, out of an abundance of caution, flagged the domain.

    Our services, however, are hosted independently of this page, and were not affected except in that legacy web carts/legacy web snippets using variations of the URL displayed warning messages when displayed in Chrome.

    We are currently working on implementing additional safeguards to prevent recurrence of this issue. Further communication is forthcoming.

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