What Are Tier 3 Escalations and How Are They Managed?

Whenever the Tier 1 support team is able to reproduce or otherwise verify a product issue—or even if you have an idea for a great new feature that you suggest to us (which we truly appreciate)!—we will utilize the support request itself for tracking, updating, and assigning to members of our Tier 3 development team. Tier 3 escalations are shortly reassigned by a development triage lead to specific developers to complete the necessary tasks. Tier 3 escalations are also prioritized in terms of whether the fix or feature request should be included in one of our upcoming quarterly releases or handled as urgent hotfixes based on an objective analysis made regarding the overall impact to business as addressed within the ticket.

Here is a rundown of how we handle the escalated support request:

1) Sometimes the Tier 1 and 2 members of our support team will escalate a request to Tier 3 for further investigation. They will let you know and will provide updates just as soon as possible on the team's findings.

2) For requests triaged as hotfix requests due to an urgent need for a fix, we will keep the ticket open for yours our our tracking purposes. The support team will communicate to you via the support request all updates we receive from Tier 3. When the ticket is resolved and a hotfix is released to production (or is about to be released), we will then let you know and mark the support request as solved.

3) For Tier 3 escalations triaged as product planning, meaning they are not urgent and are intended to be worked on by Development as part of an upcoming quarterly release, we will do the following:

  • Feature Requests: We will mark the support request as solved, although the ticket will still be reviewed by the Tier 3 team. Approved feature requests that are added to quarterly releases will be included in the quarterly release notes which you may find here:  Release Information. We suggest signing into your Support Center account and then clicking Follow => New Articles And Comments in that section in order to receive email updates when we post new release notes.
  • Product Planning:  A Tier 3 escalation that is determined to fit well with a major quarterly release falls in this category. These too will be communicated via the Release Information updates when completed. While the ticket will be marked as solved, it will still be reviewed by our Tier 3 team for triage to a future release.

4) Similar to the priority system of our support requests, we also objectively and fairly prioritize Tier 3 escalations as follows:

  • P0 - Business Halted
  • P1 - Business Impacted
  • P2 - Standard
  • P3 - Service Request

As mentioned above, you may log into the Support Center any time and review open tickets associated with hotfixes since those will remain open until resolved, due to their urgency. By default, one may only see one's own submitted tickets in the Support Center. If you or any other members of your team need access to all of your organization's tickets, please let our support team know.

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