Using bLoyal At The POS - Adjust A Customer's Point Balance

To adjust a customer's loyalty points or loyalty dollars balance at the POS, you will want to begin in the bLoyal View Customer POS Snippet.

(Need help finding the bLoyal View Customer POS Snippet?  This article can help.)

1. If you would like to adjust the customer's loyalty point balance, click the Adjust bLoyal Points button.

2. If you would like to adjust the customer's loyalty dollars balance, click the Adjust bLoyal Bucks button.

3. Select the appropriate Loyalty Account (usually Loyalty Points (LoyaltyPoints)).

4. Select a Reason Code.  (This is used for reporting purposes only, and will not affect how points are adjusted.  For more information on reason codes, check out this article.)

5. Enter the Quantity.  This can be a positive or negative value.  (In this example, we are increasing the customer's loyalty point balance by 5.  To deduct 5 loyalty points from a customer's loyalty point balance, we would enter -5.)

6. Optionally, you may enter a Comment.

7. Click the Save button.

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