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Please note: The bLoyal POS snippets function differently with each integration application system.  To learn more about how the bLoyal web snippets will work with your specific POS system, please see our bLoyal POS Snippets Basics article.


If you already have a customer assigned to the transaction and you would like to view their customer profile, you can click the Customer Details button.

If you do not already have a customer assigned to the transaction, you can click the Find Customer button.  This will open the bLoyal Find Customer POS Snippet.

1. Type your search parameters into the search bar.  (See the Find An Existing Customer article for more information on searching for a customer at the POS.)

2. Click the Search button.

3. Your search results will populate below the search bar.  (In this example, we searched for "sample" and have four customers that meet the search criteria.)  Click on the customer record you would like to select.

4. Click the View Customer button.

Following either method above will open the bLoyal View Customer POS Snippet.

In addition to the Customer Summary section, you will be able to view other customer details.

Typical sections include Groups, Purchase History, Loyalty Points Transactions, and Loyalty Currencty Transactions.


Once you go-live with bLoyal, bLoyal will become your customer master.  This means all customer edits need to be done either through bLoyal Director or at the POS using the bLoyal buttons.

To edit an existing customer, follow the instructions above until you reach the bLoyal View Customer POS Snippet.

1. Click the Edit button.  This will open the Customer Properties window.

2. You may choose to edit a customer when you want to add information to their customer record.  (In this example, we've added a birth date to Joe Sample's customer profile.)

3. You may choose to edit a customer when you want to change information on their customer record.  (In this example, we've changed Joe Sample's e-mail address from to

4. Once you have finished making your edits, click the Save button.

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