Important Announcement: bLoyal RMS Integration and PCI Compliance

Good morning,

It has recently come to our attention that RMS must be upgraded to Cumulative Update 5 in order to maintain PCI compliance and functionality using the new credit card security chip system. We recommend making the following updates during off-hours to ensure your RMS integration with bLoyal will continue to function properly:

1)  After ensuring your POS systems are not running on a POS-ready version of Windows or Windows XP which we do not support*, please upgrade your RMS connectors to the latest, stable version: v3.5.54 (unless you already have a special setup using the v3.6.xx connectors in which case you will not need to upgrade). Please note all connectors versions must match each other (HQ, if applicable, store, and POS connectors need to all be on the same version number). We have the following articles for your convenience which feature links to the appropriate bLoyal connectors:

2)  Using RMS Store Operations Manager, modify the POS.ShippingService and POS.SalesTax items to have a base price of $0.01. RMS with CU5 will not allow these line items to be adjusted as normally in the case of customers set at non-base pricing levels (Price Level A, B, or C) and when these special RMS items' prices are set to $0. Other than that, they must be set as non-inventory items and should not be taxed in RMS.


*POS-ready versions of Windows will not operate properly with our connectors due to system limitations and are not supported by bLoyal. In addition, Windows XP is no longer supported by bLoyal as it is no longer PCI-compliant due to Microsoft's discontinuation of support for Windows XP on April 8, 2014; since system updates no longer take place for Windows XP, that OS is no longer considered secure. For more information, please visit Microsoft's information page on the Windows XP End of Support, and please note you will first need to upgrade your systems running our RMS connectors to Windows 7, 8, or 10 if you are currently using Windows XP or a Windows POS-ready system. Microsoft also has an article with links on how to check your current version of Windows.

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