Product and Inventory Syncing with WooCommerce

  • The first time that we sync a product that exists in bLoyal but does not exist in WooCommerce, we sync only the core product information:
    • Lookup Code
    • Web Alias (if one exists in bLoyal) or Product Name
    • Product variants (if they are being used)
    • Price
    • Inventory


  • The product is created in draft mode, so that the webstore manager can then add all the needed web product information directly in WooCommerce such as:
    • Changing the Product Name (if needed)
    • Adding summary descriptions and detailed descriptions
    • Adding images
    • Assigning the product to all the desired catalog sections (which are managed directly in WooCommerce)
    • Publishing the product to make if available online


  • If we are updating a product that already exists in WooCommerce, we honor all of the core & web information that already exists in WooCommerce (as described above), and we only update the following information:
    • Price
    • Inventory


  • Shipping promotions should to be created in bLoyal as we are the shipping rates and shipping promotions provider for WooCommerce.
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