bLoyal Core Edition

Core Edition is the first-tier version of the bLoyal product. Within Core Edition, you have access to order-level loyalty points programs, dashboards, POS and web snippet access to manage customer account data, and order-level loyalty redemptions in the form of discounts or loyalty currency. To see a complete list of features visit:


Getting Started

Please follow the link above and click the Subscribe button. Optionally you may consider adding on our Order Ahead Plugin for curbside/in-store pickup orders. Within a few minutes, you will receive an email with a link to verify your account and set it up. Follow the setup wizard to configure your new loyalty program [video coming soon with more details].

Please enter the following information during the initial setup wizard:

Domain: Your company name as you would like to use when logging in (no spaces or special characters). e.g. MyCompanyName

Username:  Username to log in with.
Password:  Set your password.



Director is the control center for your bLoyal services. Here, you have access to the following modules:

  • Insight (Reports): This is where you will find your Dashboard and reporting on everything from customer to sales transactions to loyalty balances. Custom reports are available as a consulting project; please reach out to for more information.
  • CustomersWithin the Customers module, you have the ability to create and manage customer profiles, customer lists, and subscriber groups.
  • Mailings: The Mailings module allows you to manage email campaigns and newsletters.
  • Loyalty: This module is where you will be able to view loyalty transactions.
  • Orders: The Orders module gives you the ability to view sales transactions.
  • Products: This module is where you may view your product details. Product editing, however, should take place in the product master system (generally your POS system).
  • Channels: Here you may view your stores and their associated devices. In this area, you may inactivate a device that is no longer being used to end future billing for that device.
  • Payments: This module is where gift cards and eGift cards can be viewed and managed for clients with Pro and higher editions or the gift card processing plugin. Please contact if you would like more information. 


POS Snippets

POS Snippets allow you to view and manage customer accounts from your POS devices, assign a customer to the active transaction, adjust a customer's loyalty points balance, and apply a coupon to the active transaction.

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