Clear Director Cookies

Occasionally parts of Director may have issues displaying properly. A common fix for this is to clear your Director cookies. These cookies are not the same as the standard cookies you might clear from your internet browser cache and the only way to clear them is from within Director. This article will outline the steps necessary to do so.


To clear Director cookies, you'll need access to Company Profile in the Setup Module. To access this, click setup in the upper right of the Director screen and then under settings, click Company Profile. If you don't see one of these options, you'll need access enabled on your user account. Contact whoever is an administrator on your Director account to enable this for you.

Once you've accessed the Company Profile screen, scroll down to the options section. Click the blue "Clear Director Cookies..." link that appears to the right of the Options title, circled in the below screenshot.




You'll then be prompted with a confirmation screen.




Click yes and your cookies will be cleared.

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