Help, my bLoyal Service is down! What do I do!?

As the bLoyal service is internet-dependent, outages can occur from time to time. We do our best to notify you of planned outages (upgrades, maintenance, etc.), but there may be an unplanned outage on either our side, or localized to your site.


Here's what to do in the event of a service outage:

  1. Check the bLoyal Support Center ( - We will post an announcement to the bLoyal Support Center as soon as we are aware of an outage, or in advance of a planned outage, and this should be the first thing to check if you're having service issues. The announcement will have as much information as we have available, including an ETA if one has been provided to us. Check the announcement regularly, as new information will always be posted there first. We also highly recommend subscribing to the announcement forum with the subscribe link located at the top-right, so you will receive email notifications whenever an announcement is made. It's also possible to subscribe to individual postings the same way. Note: If you are unable to access the bLoyal Support Center during the outage, the problem may be localized to your site. See step 4 below.
  2. Call Support - For urgent issues, calling the support line at 877-388-7638 is our recommended method of getting in touch with us. If you reach voice mail, leave a brief message with your name, business name, issue, and phone number and we will return your call as soon as possible. For urgent issues outside of normal support hours (7am to 5pm Pacific time Monday through Friday) follow the prompt during the voice mail message to reach our off hours support line.
  3. Log a Ticket - If it is more convenient for you to communicate electronically, simply log a ticket with bLoyal support. To do so, either email support at or log into the bLoyal Support Center and click "Create a Ticket". Tickets are constantly monitored during normal business hours and someone will be in touch with you soon.
  4. Check your local internet connection. If there were no announcements about outages (and if you are unable to reach the bLoyal Support Center), it may be due to an network outage at your location. Open a web browser and try to go to If that page does not load, your internet may be down. If you logged a ticket, we will reach out to you and attempt to help you troubleshoot.
  5. Disable the bLoyal service at the POS. If you are using our POS Connector to access bLoyal from your Microsoft RMS POS machines, it may be necessary to disable the service in order to tender sales while the service is down. You can do this by clicking the "View Customer" button on the right side of the POS screen. Cancel the search, then click the "Disable bLoyal" button on the lower left hand side. (You can reenable the service by exiting the POS and launching it again, or following the steps above again. The button will now be labeled "Enable bLoyal.") Credit card processing should be unaffected, unless the outage is caused by your internet connection being down. Sales recorded without the POS Connector will be synced by the Store Connector once service is restored. Important Note: While the bLoyal Service is disabled, Loyalty functions (discounts, coupons, points, etc.) will not be available, nor will the ability to Ship Orders.


Frequently Asked Questions:

Q: Can I use "Set Customer" in RMS to look up customers while the POS Connector is disabled?
A: Normally, we discourage clients from using Set Customer, since that method disables the connector in normal operation. That said, while the POS Connector is already disabled, Set Customer can indeed be used to look up customer data. Only customers who have been looked up before at that location will be available, however, so the customer may or may not be found.
Q: Will Loyalty features like Discounts or Point Accruals work when the POS Connector is disabled?
A: Most loyalty features will not work when the POS Connector is disabled. There is one exception, which is that if Set Customer is used to look up a customer and ring up a sale, when that sale syncs up later (via the Store Connector), loyalty points will accrue. This is assuming the customer was already in Director and had synced to RMS previously. It is best to assume that there may be cases where points will not accrue, and manual adjustments will need to be made.
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