Troubleshooting Connectivity

Sometimes, due to a variety of issues, your connection to our servers may be slow or intermittent. One way of troubleshooting this is to run a trace route, as outlined in this article.


To run a trace route, first open a command prompt. To do so, click your Windows start button then All Programs - Accessories - Command Prompt (this may vary slightly depending on Windows version).



Next, determine which server you're going to check. If you're having director connectivity issues, you'll want to trace, if you're having issues at the POS, you'll want

To begin the trace, in your command prompt type:




You'll then see the trace go through a number of steps (the exact number varies depending on a variety of factors. What you're looking for is that each step goes relatively quickly, no more than a few seconds.

When you see that it's reached the server you've chosen to trace, it should say "Request timed out". This is normal as our servers will reject your trace attempt at that point. Normal results will look something like the following:


Notice each step is a small number of ms and then it reaches and starts timing out.


Abnormal results would include a long delay on one of the steps or a complete time out prior to reaching our server. In such a case, contact your network administrator or IT department for further guidance.

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